Bullying is Bullshit

Bullying is Bullshit

By Barnibus Fowley

                As far as journalism goes, this is a little bit outside my expertise.  I’m the news guy, Drake is the opinion guy.  What can I say, sometimes you have to break the mold.  Regardless of my expertise on the format, the title holds true: bullying is bullshit.

                Believe it or not, mediocre news related blog posts are not my entire life. Currently I am an English major with an emphasis on secondary education.  Put it all together, and I will be teaching English, secondarily.  I always wanted to be a writer, and I figured while I’m doing that I can teach the craft.  Those who can’t do teach type of deal I suppose.  Part of the education program requires that I visit high schools and watch English teachers teach….English.  I did that today, and while the intention was to learn about the skills of educating teenagers, I left with only one thing: bullying is bullshit.

                No, I didn’t see any students getting picked on, what I witnessed was of a much more suprising nature, teachers being bullied.  Never in my life have I seen such utter disrespect for another human.  I observed a middle aged woman who if I had to guess, was a homosexual.  Apparently the other people in the room had gathered that as well, because they used it as a source of relentless torment. I can’t even fathom the rationale or logic behind it. 

Bullying is wrong in every form.  The fact of the matter is, it does not matter if one person is gay, or another is heavy, or skinny, or likes star wars, what matters is that they are happy.  I firmly believe that all people are inherently good.  Becoming a bully is a rejection of that goodness. Unfortunately, you can’t change the world around you, only the way you perceive it.  Here’s what I propose: perpetual love.  Chances are, at least sometime in your life, someone will treat you in a way that you don’t care for.  When that happens, I want you to keep your head up high, and know that they are only saying things that they hate within themselves.  Pity that person, because when the laughs and jeers are over and done with, all that is left with them, and that is their own worst nightmere. Do that, and you win.  Do that, and you will have exhibited a quality that your tormentors never have: happiness with ones self.  You have one life, do what makes you happy, regardless of what other people have to say about it, and remember: Bullying is Bullshit.

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