Legalize Weed…Come on man, be cool

Opinion Column

By Drake Mahoney

                I can’t tell you how many people I have seen getting arrested on campus for smoking weed.  The number is only eclipsed by the amount of people I have seen that “should” have gotten arrested for smoking.  It is undeniable that a large portion of marijuana related crime goes unreported, or at the very least, minimally punished.  There’s a reason for that.

                Think of all the shit that you see in a day.  Homework, tests, garishly dressed teachers, and approximately 800 pictures of Miley Cyrus wagging her tongue around like a dog.  Now after all of that nonsense, would you really want to spend several hours, arresting and booking someone for smoking weed? Of course not.  Now imagine if you spent your entire day dealing with beatings, robberies, and human atrocities we would only ever hear about if we didn’t use twitter as our primary source of news.  After all that shit do you really think that you would want to arrest someone for smoking a joint? Before you even contemplate it, just say no.  It makes things easier for me.

                As you can tell, this isn’t any sort of formal persuasive essay.  I didn’t research this; I’m just telling you what I think.

                A lot of people argue that weed should be legal because it is tremendously less dangerous than alcohol.  This is true, but it is also a horrible argument.  That does not make a good case for weed; it simply makes a good case for the illegalization of alcohol….Do not try and makes a good case for the illegalization of alcohol.

                There are indeed good arguments on both sides of the debate, but even as I try my best to step outside of my role as a college student and see the issue from an unbiased perspective, I still fall on the side of legalization.  It’s simple, drug dealers (and I mean the dangerous ones, not the guy that always leaves his phone in your car) want weed to be illegal.  Why is that? It’s where they make all of their money!

                Our culture is more or less rooted in revenue.  It’s the sad truth, but it is the truth nonetheless.  Weed will make the United States Government money.  No it won’t erase the debt ceiling, no it won’t stop the wars (although a case could be made that it might spark some peace) but it will certainly make that shit less of a bummer. 

                I can’t prove, or even fairly speculate that the legalization of wee will have a profound impact on the lives of every day citizens, or on our government as a whole, but there are some undeniably true benefits that would stem from it.  Jobs would be created, there would be less people in prison, less senseless arrests, more money generated, and most importantly, it would virtually erase a culture of violence that surrounds it due to its current legal standings.  But even more importantly, come on man, be cool.

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