Beyonce Poops

I think that this culture of celebrity worship has gone to far.  To put it simply, I think that it is creepy.  You see these people out there with fifty million followers on twitter.  Fifty million followers! Those are Jesus like numbers.  Not that I would compare the two; Jesus could create wine with his mind, Justin Bieber just spills it after drinking too much.  We pay far too much attention to what is going on in the world of celebrities, and not enough attention to what is going on in the real world that we are living in.  It’s ironic.  Hundreds of African children are kidnapped. and half of you don’t even hear about it, but Justin Bieber announces his retirement (which he wasn’t even goodly enough to actually commit to) and social media explodes.  It’s one of the most deplorable things about our culture, and unfortunately it is something that I don’t see changing.  What you all need to realize is that these people are not perfect, and most of them aren’t even decent.  Beyoncé poops just like you, now get over it, and watch the news (just not fox).

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