Pokemon Remakes

I don’t know that there is anything better in life than the sentimentality that old Pokémon games (not counting true love).  When I heard about the Pokémon Ruby and Saphire remakes my heart fluttered.  When I entered Hoenn ten years ago, I’m not sure that I ever left.  Now November can’t come fast enough.  In six months I will be able to drink legally, and the Pokémon remakes will be released.  You can guess which one I am more excited for.  These new graphics from X and Y are astounding.  I cannot wait to see them applied to the games that captured my attention in a big bad way when I was ten.  I can only hope that they stay true to the originals.  I can’t fathom why they ever left the forts behid, they were perhaps my favorite aspect of those old games.  The region itself is beautiful, and unlike some people, I love even the most water logged aspects of it.  There will be now news in this post, only love for a game that is surely going to send me back in time.  Let us know what you think of the new remakes!

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