Pokemon: A childhood that never ends

The thing about childhood is that it only ends if you want it to.  Yes the title says “Pokémon,” but that’s just my thing.  It can be anything.  Truthfully, I’m not sure that we ever change all that much, rather the world changes us.  I remember the first time that my friends told me that they didn’t like Pokémon anymore.  I’m pretty sure that I cried.  From that day foreward, I too did not like Pokémon, at least as far as they knew. I was in fifth grade at the time, and it took me almost seven years to get past that.  Now my college dorm is decked out in pokemon shit.  I even have ash kethem sheets.  It feels good to not have to let go of something that had always been so important to me.  So the purpose of this very brief post is to say that there is no shame in liking whatever it is that you may like: only in not being true to yourself.

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