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Black Friday Bullshit

it’s probably too late to mention this, but you sure as shit should not have black friday shopped today. this is not a post about family life or consumerism, or any of that other buisness. this is about you. family is important, and yes, people probably do spend too much time and money on possessions, but that isnt what this is about. its not for me to tell you how you should feel about your possessions. im telling you not to black friday shop because thats exactly what those assholes want you to do. while you are sitting out in the cold corporations are making inordinate amounts of money that guess what- they wouldnt even dream of sharing with say the morose motherfucker in the red target shirt standing outside in the cold missing thanksgiving dinner with their family to make sure that you dont steal or trample one another to death. your playing right into their hands with this shit. the very principle of the idea is absurd because truth be told you dont need whatever it is that you are buying, and chances are you probably cant afford it at a reduced rate either. im not trying to tell you how to spend your money, though i might be so bold as to suggest who you spend it with. because with each dollar that you spend you are casting a vote. buy your nikes and you are saying yes to slave wages. shop at walmart and you are funding renovations to the twenty million dollar bomb shelter the walton family owns. and yes that shit is real. some folks dont have a home, they have a fucking bomb shelter mansion. you can preach capitalism all you want and paste this article all up and down your facebook page calling me a liberal asshole, but theres no way in hell you can say that this is what an ideal world looks like. im not saying dont shop at walmart, i myself do from time to time. its affordable and on occasion it is the only option, but dont do it thanksgiving night. the walton family sure as shit wouldnt.
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A Thanksgiving Day Post

what the hell are you doing here? get off this blog right now. go hug a family member or eat some turkey. or ignore the plight of some native americans. anything really other than reading this dopey little blog on thanksgiving. oh, but before you head off, follow me on twitter @DewmontPaul
happy holidays folks
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Thanksgiving: A societal misundertstanding.

if you really think about, if you take the time to break down the situation and understand just what it is that we are celebrating tomorrow, you might come to the conclusion that the holiday isnt as significant as it first appears. yes, we all know the happy story of native americans and settlers coming together to eat and celebrate, but educated americans know that it doesnt end there. the story will always conclude with small pox blankets and trails of tears. no other conclusion can be made, because that is what happened. the event we are actually comememorating hase become over shadowed by the celebrations that we associate it with, a mishap that in this case is a positive one. as a thanksgiving lover, i point this out not to devalue the holiday but to call attention the commonness of the date itself. any day could be thanksgiving. as far as history is concerned, they are all just as significant. any day is a good one to get together with your family, to tell somebody that you love them, to think about your life and be grateful. and on those other days, you don’t even have the added burden increasing your chances of heart disease. thanksgiving is a day that is indicative of how every other day should be. in life there is no garrantee of money, or of health, or of livelihood, but if you happen to be lucky enough, family is something that can always be counted on. and by the way, family is a generic term. it could mean brother or sister, or neighbor, or friend or mailman. it doesnt matter. whoever they are, if they make you happy, they matter, and it will do you well to let them know that as often as you can. life happens very fast, and death happens even faster. in between the two, it is your loved ones that will end up mattering the most.
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Ferguson: The Night After

First of all, thanks to everyone who read and shared my last post. I appreciate this, as the message behind it at least the way I see things is an important one. As for todays post: it will be a short one. I do not want to monopolize the tragedies that have occurred in Ferguson and use them to get attention, so unless situation dictates otherwise, starting tomorrow I will resume my usual blogging nonsense. But for today I feel the need to address the Ferguson Rioters. Shame on all of you who have partaken in this. You have made the death of Michael Brown about you and your anarchy, and not about the loss of life that took place months ago. Regardless of whether or not this particular shooting had anything to do with race, you have taken the voice away from all those who wished to peacefully demonstrate and call for real change. Your actions were more damaging to the world than that of the Officer who did the actual shooting, and for that you truly should be ashamed. No more needs to be said. I’m done.
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The Social conundrum that is Ferguson

I’m not thrilled to have to write this because honestly, I don’t know the facts of the case. But here’s the truth, the real truth. No one does. Well strike that. Two people. Mike Brown, and the officer that shot him. So this post will not be about who should or should not go to jail. Instead lets talk about what should happen tonight, because I know a whole hell of a lot of people in Illinois and Missouri who are afraid to leave their houses. First, I’m going to ask you to read this article with two principle truths. First: Regardless of what Michael Brown did or did not do, he should without a doubt still be alive today. Second, regardless of what tonight’s verdict reveals, nobody else should be hurt either. Ok with that out of the way lets continue.
The death of Michael Brown is a tragedy that, in light of public response cannot be forgotten, and that is exactly how it should be. Regardless of what he did or did not do that day all those months ago, he did not deserve to die for it, and now an entire segment of the population has yet another reason not to trust the police. It’s easy to side with protesters and rioters and those who have been hurt by this event, because indeed, the entire world has been hurt by the violent death of Michael Brown. Anytime an officer of the law has to use his or her weapon in the line of duty it is a tragedy, anytime a child is killed by a grown man with a gun, it is a travesty. This I think is something that most people can agree on. It doesn’t matter if Brown was a budding college student, or a pot smoking wannabe rapper, his life mattered, but now his family will be preparing one less spot at the dinner table this Thanksgiving, and that is tragic. There is an answer to this tragedy, though it is not one that our societies response has given.
Regardless of the intentions of Browns shooter, it is an undeniable truth that the African American population has been victimized by the same people whoa re supposed to be protecting. Unfortunately, racism exists everywhere. If you feel as though the response we have seen is an over blown ploy for justified anarchy, you are thinking foolishly. An entire race of our countries population is screaming outward to let the world know that they are in pain, and that they are afraid. Unfortunately, that pain and fear has given way to more pain and fear, and that is not ok.
Like I said, I know a lot of people who are afraid to leave their houses tonight. People have been hurt, and unfortunately, by the time the night is over that statement will most likely be all the more true. It easy to cry out for Michael Brown, in remembrance of him and everyone else who has been hurt seemingly because the color of their skin, but what is difficult is erasing stigma. America is saturated with social binaries, an “us and them”, mentality that divides us by gender, race, social class, and sexual orientation. If we are to end this binary, we need to do so with words, documents, speeches, litigation. We need to show the world that there is no difference between “us” or between “them”. The chaos that has ensued in Ferguson these past months is indicative of a grander problem that we will not able to end with violence. The world needs to understand that black people are not dangerous, and neither are white people. The danger comes from the believe that there is a difference between the two.
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lets cut to the chase. subtlety is for novels not blogs. certainly not the internet where everyone throws up their thoughts onto the world and hopes that someone catches the proverbial flu that is their ideas. with that being the climate of the writing community that i currently particicpate in, their is hardly a reason to say anything other than that i had an mri today. nothing serious. ive been experiencing numbness and chest pains, but honestly i think its just stress. college life is quite literally killing me, but then that is a subject for a separate blog post. the point is, mri’s suck ass hole. that might not be the way that chaucer would say things, had he ever had the opportunity to experience the modern medical marvel that is the mri, but it doesnt make it any less true. for those of you that dont know, an mri is a giant magnetic tube that takes pictures of the inside of your body. the entire ordeal takes forty five minutes, and if you move they have to redo it. i had two in a row, and the whole time i had to pee. i took to anyalizing my life up until that point, so as not to think about how confined i was. self analysis as far as i am concerned is never a good idea, but that couldnt be truer than when in the confines of a giant magnet designed to find fault with your interior. regardless, anaysis is exactly what i did. i wish i hadnt fallen asleep in church in front of my future fiances future deacon father the first time i met him. i eat too much pizza. i never work out as much as i say im going to. the sound quality on my videos suck. i shouldnt have yelled at my future fiances future deacon father the second time i met him over the phone because i thought he was a soliciter. i should have peed. i cant act for shit. i should have peed. i need to finish that research paper. god fucking damnit i should have fucking peed. i wish that i hadnt gotten into a shouting match in front of my future fiances future deacon father the third time that i met him….GOT FUCKING DAMNIT WHY THE MOTHER FUCKING STIRFY DID I NOT FUCKING PEE…oh. it’s over. you see what i mean? do you see the problem? do you see why no person should ever think about their lives for forty five minutes strait? and by the way, i had two consecutive mris. thats forty five strait minutes of wishing i hadnt done particular things in front of my future father in law, and contemplating pissing on what had to be a hundred thousand dollar piece of equipment. heres the kicker; best case scenario that hour and a half of hell was a completely unnecessary waste of time. anything else means that i am sick, or some other type shit that i certainly dont want in my life. do you see the problem? do you see the issue? do you understand why no one should even contemplate expoloring their minds, exploring their problems, investigating their health? mris are major bullshit. the only thing worse is being sick, and while i very much doubt that that will be what my next blog post is about, it leaves the situation as being less than what is to be desired.
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Pokemon Alpha/ Omega, must read

before you take the title to seriously, there really is no reason that you must read this. it won’t cure cancer, it wont clean your room, it wont help you prepare for your next test. in fact, it wont even tell you anything that you don’t already know about the new pokemon games. mostly because i know nothing outside of what the trailers have told me; which is certainly enough to keep the twenty one year old me happy until he can scrape together enough money to own a copy of his own. that’s the thing about life now, its entertained by roughly the same interests i had had when i was six, with only the exception that i am now left to fund said interests myself. again, its worth it. there is something to be said about a game franchise that is just as magical to me now as it was when i was six. i’ve spent a substantial amount of my life playing/watching pokemon, and truth be told it has all been time well spent. pokemon is not just a childrens franchise. the message is multi-generational; friendship, integrity, adventure, who could possibly find fault with it? oh sure there are people out there that focus on their jobs, or their educations, or helping other, or actually curing cancer unlike this fucking blog post, but then there are the rest of us. pokemon masters. we blast team rocket off again and again, we collect badges all across the world, all the while never aging, and we make our pokemon who don’t like one another mate for our own gains. thats the life of a pokemon master. so before you say to yourself, “i’m too old for this pokemon crap, i’m going to study,” stop right there. no. youre too old to be studying. listen. are you listening? good. you’re too old to be studying. you already know that crap anyway, and if you dont…eh. it’s probably because you thought that it was too boring to remember the first time anyway. but you remember pokemon don’t you? of course you do, so go out and get it. buy one. buy two. buy three!. buy four, but only keep one. i’ll take the rest because i understand the titular truth of this life;pokemon is better than real life. so if you enjoyed your first trip into the water logged hoenn region ten years ago, you will absolutely love this game. if youre like me, you teared up a little bit when you first turned on x/y last year….i hope that you arent like me. the world doesnt need more nintendo criers. we really do need more cancer doctors though….anyway. hoenn. buy it kids.
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The Wednesday Show.

well that was fun. what you might ask? my dreadful new pet project. i’m the sort of person that always needs to have an artistic project to work on. it’s either that or school work. that is not what this is. the wednesday show is a goofy little vlog type of deal that i decided to do the other day when i didnt want to work on a research paper. As you can see, the jokes are mediocre, the image quality is worse than that of minecraft, and the presentation is worse than if i had done nothing at all. anyway, heres the link. please like, share, subscribe, and then watch it again. tell your friends about it, profess it as your religion, and right it in on the ballad during your next voting experience.

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leases, lives, and other things that i don’t want to ruin.

yesterday i signed my first lease. i read the agreement and everything. fifteen pages to tell me that i pay them, and they let me live there. i dont, and they kick me out. in addition to that, as of course those of you that consistently read my blog know, i am engaged. that’s alot to handle for a person who is notoriously bad at handling….well most things. to say that is a pressure situation is an understatement, and yet as i enter into, it isn’t as daunting as even say, the ten page paper i’m supposed to be writing right now on gawain and the green knight (particularly because i havent read gawain and the green knight). if there is one thing that i have learned in life, it is that almost everything that we are exposed to, every idea, concept or notion that we are lead to believe are socially defined ideals. for example, i am often told i am too young to consider marriage, but why is that? I will be twenty one when i get married, and twenty two when i become certified as a teacher. roughly the same level of maturity by any realistic estimation, and i am simultaneously equipped to serve as a guide to todays youth, but unequipped to take the next step in a relationship i have been building for over two and a half years. see that’s the thing. there isnt a good argument in the world that i have been presented with that makes sense. i dont have enough money? fuck that. i’m never going to have enough money if i become a teacher, and anyway, is there a membership fee attached to being married? i dont think so. in fact, by moving into an appartment together next year we are saving thousands. it will distract from school…hahaha. that one makes me laugh. nothing in the world can distract me from school more than the MOTHERFUCKING HATRED that i have for it. before i met my fiance i was mr 1.7 gpa, and while i still have the heart and soul of a college dropout, i have the gpa of a relatively good student. so no. marriage wont break my studies either, although sir gawain might. see this is my point, my life is going to be defined, because everything is, so that being the case i am going to make damn sure that i am webster. i can think of no better way to start doing that than by marrying the girl i’ve been with and grown with for the last two and a half years. she’s going to get pissed off if she finds out that i got all personal and feelingsy and shit about our relationship online, but i really do love her more than anything else in life, and i can think of no better way to enter into the adult world than by already being married to her. so with that in mind, while i still do get the occasional worrisome inkilings of the 1.7 angry teenager in me that always has to wonder if he is about to mess something up, i still move foreward confident that i am making the right desicions in life.
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A death to be mentioned.

My stylized, or lack there of form of composing blogs typically found on this site is not appropriate for this post, nor is my swearing or general sense of self entitled outrage. Someone died yesterday, and while it not appropriate for me to name her-as to do so would claim an ownership over the loss that I cannot rightly attest to, she is worth mentioning here nonetheless. I came from a high school of four hundred people. If someone had a hangnail you knew about it. There was a sense of community att eat school that no college could replicate, even in their best intentions. It is therfore not in this regard that I fault the university that I attend now for not coming together in light of this tragedy– the death of a young student. Such a thing could never happen in the same way that I saw it occur as my high school lost students and faculty. It is rather the complete disregard for what happened that I find troubling. I should make it known now that I did not know this girl who passed away, so I can speak of her only with a general sense of sadness. However, I do know a tremednous amount of people who did know her. It’s disturbing that while the students will not stop talking about her, the university hasn’t made a mention of it. There was no email. No website notification or mass autamated text. Nothing but rumors. There is no conclusion to this post I’m afraid. Just a passing thought worth addressing. A girl died last night, and someone should acknowledge it.