Pokemon Alpha/ Omega, must read

before you take the title to seriously, there really is no reason that you must read this. it won’t cure cancer, it wont clean your room, it wont help you prepare for your next test. in fact, it wont even tell you anything that you don’t already know about the new pokemon games. mostly because i know nothing outside of what the trailers have told me; which is certainly enough to keep the twenty one year old me happy until he can scrape together enough money to own a copy of his own. that’s the thing about life now, its entertained by roughly the same interests i had had when i was six, with only the exception that i am now left to fund said interests myself. again, its worth it. there is something to be said about a game franchise that is just as magical to me now as it was when i was six. i’ve spent a substantial amount of my life playing/watching pokemon, and truth be told it has all been time well spent. pokemon is not just a childrens franchise. the message is multi-generational; friendship, integrity, adventure, who could possibly find fault with it? oh sure there are people out there that focus on their jobs, or their educations, or helping other, or actually curing cancer unlike this fucking blog post, but then there are the rest of us. pokemon masters. we blast team rocket off again and again, we collect badges all across the world, all the while never aging, and we make our pokemon who don’t like one another mate for our own gains. thats the life of a pokemon master. so before you say to yourself, “i’m too old for this pokemon crap, i’m going to study,” stop right there. no. youre too old to be studying. listen. are you listening? good. you’re too old to be studying. you already know that crap anyway, and if you dont…eh. it’s probably because you thought that it was too boring to remember the first time anyway. but you remember pokemon don’t you? of course you do, so go out and get it. buy one. buy two. buy three!. buy four, but only keep one. i’ll take the rest because i understand the titular truth of this life;pokemon is better than real life. so if you enjoyed your first trip into the water logged hoenn region ten years ago, you will absolutely love this game. if youre like me, you teared up a little bit when you first turned on x/y last year….i hope that you arent like me. the world doesnt need more nintendo criers. we really do need more cancer doctors though….anyway. hoenn. buy it kids.
thanks for reading
paul durante
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