Ferguson: The Night After

First of all, thanks to everyone who read and shared my last post. I appreciate this, as the message behind it at least the way I see things is an important one. As for todays post: it will be a short one. I do not want to monopolize the tragedies that have occurred in Ferguson and use them to get attention, so unless situation dictates otherwise, starting tomorrow I will resume my usual blogging nonsense. But for today I feel the need to address the Ferguson Rioters. Shame on all of you who have partaken in this. You have made the death of Michael Brown about you and your anarchy, and not about the loss of life that took place months ago. Regardless of whether or not this particular shooting had anything to do with race, you have taken the voice away from all those who wished to peacefully demonstrate and call for real change. Your actions were more damaging to the world than that of the Officer who did the actual shooting, and for that you truly should be ashamed. No more needs to be said. I’m done.
Thanks for reading,
Paul Durante
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