It’s not quite ready yet?

its not quite ready yet? what in the motherfucking world do you mean its not quite ready yet? ….oh. im sorry i got a little bit ahead of myself. that tends to happen when i am slowly working my way up to a rage stroke. you see my phd-diseased pretentious wad of tissue poor excuse for a human being professor accidently told me that he hasnt read my proposal. no not for marriage- two weeks ago we had to turn in our proposals for our end of the semester research papers, and as the semester ends in one week, i just wanted to double check. everything was alright with my proposal yes? oh, i havent quite gotten to it yet. thats the answer this snot wad gave me. i genuinely wanted to projectile vomit, not because the statement made me sick to my stomach but because if ever there was a time that someone deserved to be vomited on, it was right then and there. in my four lit classes this semester i have been assigned three novels a week every week for the past SIXTEEN MOTHERFUCKING WEEKS. of those novels a substantial amount of them had come from him, and while i cannot blame him for assaigning homework, i can blame him for not grading it. this is the problem with college professors folks. i maintain that the majority of them rarely care much aboutt he craft of teaching. yes they may enjoy intellectual conversations about great works of literature with young people, and they certainly enjoy assessing peoples understanding of THEIR assesments of said literature, but when it comes down to it. when we break the issue up into its purest form, what we get is sheer idiocy– a system in which we find grown men and women reenacting their own academic glory days of college in the hopes that they might never have to abandon the experience of being a student. in this particular instance this lack of responisbility and respect is affecting me greatly, and yes, frankly it does make me want to vomit.
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paul durante
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