Thanksgiving Kush must be poison.

goodness me gee wilikers. im certainly not tarintino but motherfuck has my last video not done well. in the past my work is usually met with a moderate amount of likes that at the very least double however many dislikes they happened to get. the results are rarely impressive, and certainly never brag worthy, but so far at the very least they have been enough for me to feel decent about. not this one tho. dislikes, and negative twitter comments galore. you know what? before we go any further, how about you take a look for yourself?

that’s it. thanksgiving kush, the latest installment in my not so epic saga of stoner otto, and his reluctant stirfry. the duo are in fact simple side characters in what will be twelve part web series entitled “the dewmont daze,” coming sometime next year, but when it comes to short videos im quick to include them in the mix- mostly because i play the one in the dopey leather jacket. i know that they are no cheech and chong, harold and kumar, jay and silent bob, and they certainly are no biden or motherfucking barack obama, but regardless theyre not entirely horrible are they? well are they? im not here to defend the video folks, im here for some feedback. let me know what you think. is it the worst thing you’ve seen since hannah montana sang naked with beadle juice? the best thing you’ve seen since the birth of your child? somewhere in between?
lets here what you think.
thanks for your input guys-
paul durante
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