final stretch.

oh goodness. with six days left at being at this very expensive hell whole, i can hardly contain my excitement. this week has been an epic of papers. to say that i had english classes now is an understatement, but regardless it is a fleeting one. school will end and break will begin and all will be good until..well until school starts again. but thats a different matter altogether. the point i make with this is not that misery is once again looming, but rather that everything is eventual. christ, i can very much remember the mindset that nothing could possibly exist outside of grade school, and while my interests have not changed very much since then, life has gone on just fine, and i entered into the next never ending phase of life: high school. again, needless to say but high school came and went and now im in college. what im learning is that life is very rarely going to be ideal, but what is coming next is not something that i want to coast through. i have grown so accostumed to wishing away time that to some degree it is all that i really know how to do. but as i said, what comes next can happen for as long as it wishes. as many people who read this blog know, i am getting married this summer. what comes next is life, and the last thing that i want is to realize that i wished it all away.
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paul durante
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  1. Think this would be perfect to read! Also if you would like to write something based on a true story.. I have just the one for you!

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