Slowing down to speed up

Hey guys let’s make this a no nonsense sort of post shall we. Given the holiday season and all I’ll leave my Schtick at the door. No angry teenager today, just a short post to clarify that no- I am not meeting my post quotas or even my video quotas but yes, that is just fine. I love writing and I really love it when people read my writing but right now, I don’t know….. It’s family time. My life is quite incredible right now-given my engagement and all. Life is far better than I ever thought it could be, and infinitely better than I deserve. While I act as though my entire purpose-my only hope for happiness is to make it as a writer or a director or what have you- the truth is I have already been given a tremendous amount of happiness that will last forever just so long as I have the people that are now in my life. So with that in mind it is time right now to give them a little bit more attention, and perhaps but the blog and channel and even the novel to the side for a while. Right now is a time for gratitude not for asking for more. Thank you very sincerely for reading my work and watching my videos these past six or so months and I hope to see everyone back early 2015
Happy Holidays
Paul Durante.


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