Cartoon Network

I haven’t posted in awhile. I would like to apologize for that, but then I would also like to tell the truth, and truthfully, I don’t care. Why would I? How could I possibly? The decision not to post was after all just that. A decision. There was no sniper posted outside of my window just waiting for me to log on to wordpress, I didn’t post because I’ve been busier than an unemployment line. And now that I have finally logged back on it is not to express my regret, or to lament on my lack of free time, it’s to talk about something very important. Cartoons.
Generally speaking, I don’t watch TV. Quite frankly with the schedule that I keep my free time is generally offered up entirely to my fiance and to my writing. However, when I am particularly busy, and I mean particularly busy, that is when I break out the clicker. A little bit of TV in the background can on occasion work wonders in placating what would have otherwise been an entirely unpleasant experience. This past week, this saving grace has been Cartoon Network.
Holy f-ing poop(I’ve decided to try and take some of the edge off. Refreshing yes?). Cartoon Network is exactly what it needs to be. Strange, funny, and downright innovative. The shows that are on today (with the exception of the revamped “Teen Titans”) are entirely different than the ones that I grew up with, and that is ultimately for the best. While the shows that I had come up watching were nothing to be scoffed at, these new ones are on point. I saw this goofy little show the other day, “Clarence” I believe it was called, in which one of the characters had gay parents. Isn’t that incredible? Their lifestyle wasn’t even the theme of the episode, it was just a passing detail. You’ve got to love that (unless you’re an ignorant asshole that clicked on the wrong fucking blog). But that’s not all. These shows are fresh, and weird, and wonderful. They’re exactly what kids these days should be watching to distract from the dire global circumstances that their little undeveloped lives are being shaped by. That’s it. That’s all that I had to say. I have a paper on Chaucer to write, and Gumball is on.
Thanks kids
Paul Durante
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Oh, and by the way, we’re about a quarter of the way through shooting our new webseries. Look for it at a youtube near you this summer.

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