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Nobody Hires English Majors

Oh goodness, it’s true what they say (and curses to the naysaying they by the way).  No one will hire an English Major.  Like seriously, no one.  Not even Dairy Queen.  Is it because I’ve learned about Chaucer instead of accounting, or because I’ll only be around for about a month and a half?  Who’s to say.  The prejudice is clear though isn’t it.  No one wants to give me their money, a sentiment wildly disproportionate to my desire to receive their cash.Even Dairy Queen’s  (soft serve? no thank you).  And by the way I’ve worked their like a million times (twice).  The person that didn’t hire me? I was there when she started. Betrayal at it’s finest no? Or may she didn’t remember me, I’m not sure.  I don’t really talk at work.  Strangely enough but I think that I will miss that place.  I mean not in the sense that I would rather be there then say, at golf, but more in the way that I will miss regularly receiving their money.  Uh oh.  I’m still talking about Dairy Queen.  And what is the point to all of that? There is none. How could there possibly be? This is the internet after all.  Manage your expectations.

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Paul Durante

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