Thoughts in between class: The unwritten rules of college

have you ever noticed that every college class rooms has this unwritten law that the teacher must feign first day enthusiasm, the students (except for one unpleasantly perky one) must never stop talking about how much they wish it was summer, and the first class period must always be a long tedious explanation of what is to come that could have just as easily been handled in an email? That is not to say that I would rather have learned something today, but I could have just as easily spent that last hour watching weeds and writing absurd blog posts on my iPad. 

For whatever reason where you sit on that first day determines the way that the rest of your semester goes. Because you can’t switch seats in college. Do it and the entire class will shoot daggers at you with their eyes for the next three months, like you just killed their puppy. I think I made a mistake in picking my seat. I plopped my shit down next to the kid in the teen age mutant ninja turtles shirt-because those folks almost never try and chat you up. Only this one did. Yep, that’s right I’m next to the dreaded aforementioned peppy kid. The kid that won’t stop talking to safe their life. It’s a nightmare. On the one hand you want to be nice to him, because surely life won’t be good for the kid that can’t stop talking about someone burning breakfast on their floor this morning. On the other hand it’s almost cruel not to say some thing isn’t it? A simple “oh god stop , what a horrible horrible story” could save him a lifetime of embarrassment. And so I am at an impass. What to do folks, what to do? Stay silent? Say my peace? Drop the class? Let me know what you think in the comments section. 

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Paul Durante

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