All through high school, the allure of independent film was one that occupied my passing thoughts (as they were thoughts far better than what math could offer) but was nevertheless one I had never thought possible to pursue.  Stephen Spielberg made movies, Paul Durante did not.  I had always been a writer, but that was different: everyone is a writer in some capacity or another.  That I had chosen to lend the craft towards fiction provided me with much to do, it did not particularly distinguish me one way or another from anyone else- a fact that I was fine with.  I was normal (haha ok, not normal) and normal folks do not make movies.  It was as simple as that.  To be in film, one had to be an asshole, utterly and completely.  An entitled fool that screamed at folks making a lot less money than them, and then ultimately sold out altogether to make a bullshit film like “Transformers” (I’m talking to you directly Michael Bay).  And of course only the decent filmmakers even had the option to sell out (Michael Bay excluded).  You had to know how to work a camera, write in script format, frame a shot, and then another shot, and then another shot, until you’ve composed so many images that a film was born.  Such thing was an art form, and one that my proficiency with words (if even you are kind enough to call it that) did not prepare me for.  Then college came.

College has a way about it.  For some, it means getting involved, buckling down with books, settling in at night with drinks and high bar tabs, and consuming alchohal until they are able to forget that the real world will be just as shitty as the dismal realm of higher education.  For me, it meant desperately trying everything I had ever considered that was not related to the dismal future that my degree would promise me.  Dismal professional future, I should note.  Not to be sappy (and you shut the hell up with your corny meter because I am NOT being sappy) but  since my wedding in July my future has looked pretty good, regardless of how my creative endevours are received.  But that doesn’t mean that I want to work in an office for the rest of my life.  Hell, the notion of it makes me sick.  And so for the last four years, I have explored every avenue of creativity that came to mind, including that of Indie film. My freshmen year of school, I had written a screenplay, titled “Community Cop,” a comedy that follows two campus police men, two stoners, and a student body that is thrust into madness when a storm leaves them trapped in the school.  The script itself is a relatively simple one, though not something that I would have been capable of making around the time that I had written it, and most likely not even now.  And I knew that, so I decided to try my hand at practicing the craft.

Then came sophomore year, and a new project.  “The Dewmont Daze”..  A twelve part webseries that chronicles the lives of those same campus policemen and stoners.  This I actually was able to make, after about a year and a half of casting woes and production errors.  And the final product? Eh.

With only about eighteen hours of time to film one hundred and fourteen pages, it was a project that was destined to fail, especially given the collective inexperience of the entire cast and crew (I was the entire crew, and a portion of the cast as well).  We filmed on a DLSR, a good piece of equipment, though one that cannot stand on its own.  The things that we needed, lights, and a boom mic to say the least, did not fit into our budget of zero dollars, and what we ultimately got was a mere fraction of what we could have had,. and what I had been hoping for.  To be perfectly clear, I do love watching these videos, but I also love just about anything else that gets birthed in my head.  I’m  quite silly like that.  The final product unfortunately is missing scense, delivered half heartidly in portions by any number of members of the cast, including myself, and only a shadow of what I had tried to make.

I know that the above ramblings do not make the show sound like something worth viewing, but here it is all the same, Episode 3.  See for yourself what I have done, and what I ahve failed to do, and be kind enough to let me know what you think.  After all, this was meant to be a learning experience.  Let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading, and for watching.

Paul Durante

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