maybe she’s born with it. maybe it’s horse shit.

You sit in your shitty one bedroom apartment, the glow of your television set the only thing illuminating the room.  On the ground is a tostino’s pizza.  You paid a dollar for it, but so far have only been able to afford to get your quarters worth.  All of a sudden comes a familiar ad.  A beautiful woman appears on the screen, drawing stares and comments from men and women a like.  You use Maybalene.  A few hundred of your dollars had gone into paying for this add.  And then the ask the age old question.  Maybe She’s born with it.  Maybe its Maybalene.  Maybe you’re an ugly fucking cow without our product and you should buy some more. That’s what they are saying.  Because no woman could possibly be born naturally pretty enough to be shown on television.

Go fuck yourself Maybalene.

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