Someone read my shit in Canada

Isn’t that remarkable.  I don’t no shit about Canada. Literally nothing, except for that they probably aren’t in danger of having a reality tv star leading their country. And yet…..someone in Canada read my shit. It’s fascinating simply on the grounds that I don’t want to read my own shit. It gets me all frustrated, like why is there so many typos? Or, why am I so angry all the time? But you want to hear something interesting? Someone in fucking Canada is asking themselves those same questions now.

If there is one thing that I love about the internet it is that it is capable of spreading my mediocrity to the entire world, or at least, you know, to northern North America.  You throw something up on the internet, and all of a sudden a billion people have the chance to take a peak at it.  They never do- except for that lone Canadian, but they have the chance to.  It makes me wonder why I spent all that time and energy shooting short stories into the dark abyss that is publication- only to have it read and rejected by a singular editor, when I could have just thrown them up here, to have them rejected by perhaps multiple Canadians.  Thanks for the vote of confidence true North! I might just be living among you after this next election comes to pass.

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