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South City has finally suffered a death worth writing about.  Finally.  It’s how every town that isn’t South City sees things, so it must true.  Travis Whitman was a smart young man.  Honors student, choir boy, devoted son, brother, and friend. One of the good ones.  It’s no wonder that the world mourns his death. South City is a dangerous place, no stranger to violence, quite familiar with funerals. The world cannot be expected to stop every time one of them drops dead.  But this is different, because time, the victim was innocent.  As Travis walks slowly the street on the way to drop off a cup sugar to his grandmother, innocently thinking about the young woman that owns his heart, a bullet stops him short of his destination.  The shooter, Johnathan Gallespi, a business owner of a dying video store is not the racist that the media would like to make him out to be.  Just a bad shot. His intended target, shop lifter Rickie Lithgow dodges Gallespi’s bullets, but cannot escape the fall out of that fateful afternoon.   Safe from one white man with a gun, and straight into the arms of another. Both Rickie and Gallespi are arrested that afternoon, and the world is in a fury over what has happened. Anger only grows when the charges are distributed.  Gallespi, an elderly white man guilty only of over zealously protecting his store, is charged with manslaughter.  Rickie, the young black man who stole the VCR from Gallespi’s shop is charged with felony homicide.

In the midst of all of this, the reactions are split.  An aging activist known for extreme measures takes to the streets one last time in a hope to rally for justice, using whatever means he decides are necessary.  Meanwhile, a young woman who had been the object of Travis’s affections, crusades for a peaceful resolution, and for justice for Rickie.  Chaos reins supreme in South City as a tyrannically unjust justice system continues to destroy lives.  ANOTHER BLACK BOY DEAD IN A PUDDLE.

So that’s my book, or at least you know, the sort of information someone might include on a dust jacket.  What do you think?  The story of course is written in response to incidents like that of what happened in Ferguson Missouri.  Incidents that more and more often are finding their way into the public eye without any hope of a resolution.  So what do you think? Is this the sort of book that you would be interested in reading?  Leave a comment below to let me know what you think. If you really like the idea, share the article with your friends as well.  All feedback is welcome!

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