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Black Friday Bullshit

it’s probably too late to mention this, but you sure as shit should not have black friday shopped today. this is not a post about family life or consumerism, or any of that other buisness. this is about you. family is important, and yes, people probably do spend too much time and money on possessions, but that isnt what this is about. its not for me to tell you how you should feel about your possessions. im telling you not to black friday shop because thats exactly what those assholes want you to do. while you are sitting out in the cold corporations are making inordinate amounts of money that guess what- they wouldnt even dream of sharing with say the morose motherfucker in the red target shirt standing outside in the cold missing thanksgiving dinner with their family to make sure that you dont steal or trample one another to death. your playing right into their hands with this shit. the very principle of the idea is absurd because truth be told you dont need whatever it is that you are buying, and chances are you probably cant afford it at a reduced rate either. im not trying to tell you how to spend your money, though i might be so bold as to suggest who you spend it with. because with each dollar that you spend you are casting a vote. buy your nikes and you are saying yes to slave wages. shop at walmart and you are funding renovations to the twenty million dollar bomb shelter the walton family owns. and yes that shit is real. some folks dont have a home, they have a fucking bomb shelter mansion. you can preach capitalism all you want and paste this article all up and down your facebook page calling me a liberal asshole, but theres no way in hell you can say that this is what an ideal world looks like. im not saying dont shop at walmart, i myself do from time to time. its affordable and on occasion it is the only option, but dont do it thanksgiving night. the walton family sure as shit wouldnt.
thanks for reading for what is sure to be your last time visiting my blog,
paul durante
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