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Cyber Terrorism.

Um…what the fuck? We aren’t releasing a movie now because of cyber bullying? Listen, I understand full heartidly that the prospect of another domestic attack is terrifying, but I also understand that it is not going to happen over a Seth Rogen movie. For a country that maintains that it does’t negotiate with terrorists, this is a step in the wrong direction. Now lets pause. Before I get any self rightoes right wing internet trolls on my ass, yes, I know that the United States is not the one that is pulling “The Interview,” from theaters. Sony is responsible for this decision, and while I understand their position in wanting to protect the interests of their distributing theaters, I am disappointed to see that we are giving into the demands of a fucking dictator. Freedom of speech is perhaps the best thing about this country, and to say that Mr. Rogen cannot express himself in a COMEDY is a step in the wrong direction. All this bullshit has made me want to do is see the shit out of this movie.
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