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A death to be mentioned.

My stylized, or lack there of form of composing blogs typically found on this site is not appropriate for this post, nor is my swearing or general sense of self entitled outrage. Someone died yesterday, and while it not appropriate for me to name her-as to do so would claim an ownership over the loss that I cannot rightly attest to, she is worth mentioning here nonetheless. I came from a high school of four hundred people. If someone had a hangnail you knew about it. There was a sense of community att eat school that no college could replicate, even in their best intentions. It is therfore not in this regard that I fault the university that I attend now for not coming together in light of this tragedy– the death of a young student. Such a thing could never happen in the same way that I saw it occur as my high school lost students and faculty. It is rather the complete disregard for what happened that I find troubling. I should make it known now that I did not know this girl who passed away, so I can speak of her only with a general sense of sadness. However, I do know a tremednous amount of people who did know her. It’s disturbing that while the students will not stop talking about her, the university hasn’t made a mention of it. There was no email. No website notification or mass autamated text. Nothing but rumors. There is no conclusion to this post I’m afraid. Just a passing thought worth addressing. A girl died last night, and someone should acknowledge it.