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Debt in the city: I almost called it ‘Sex’

By Drake Mahoney

I thought about calling it sex in the city and forgetting the word play altogether (which is at best mediocre to begin with) because I figured that it was a more intriguing title.  I would venture to guess that more people would care to read about sex than debt, but surprise surprise: once you gave me the honor of your click you would be faced with the same useless nonsense that you are about to encounter now.  Aren’t I lovely?

I suppose that I should be strait foreward, and admit that we won’t really be talking about the city either.  I live in Illinois, with no nearby city to speak of.  I could tell you about the corn, but if your really curious about it, I would refer you to google image over this blog.  Alright, are we all on the same page? Good, let’s talk about college.

I don’t know about you, but this whole idea of spending money on college is starting to get under my skin.  It’s sort of silly when you think about it, especially once you take into consideration that European schools don’t pay for their extended education.  The idea is that you can’t get a job unless you go to college, but the truth is, I don’t really want one of those either.  They say that seventy percent of people hate what they do for a living.  Probably because they had to spend eighty thousand dollars to do it. 

I don’t know about you, but the future sounds just as unappealing as the present.  The only thing that sounds worse than this horrendous invevibility is working another day at Dairy Queen, which is sure to be my future should I not continue to pay to be tortured by the looming threat of fractions and history tests.  Life is hard isn’t it?