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Don’t read this, read the last one.

This is one of those weird little posts that refers you back to a previous post. You know, the sort of blog entry that your parents warned you about. “It’s cool,” says the blog entry. “If you try it just once you won’t get addicted, and weeds not really a drug anyway.” Okay maybe this post isn’t entirely like that.
Here’s the deal. I wrote a book about suicide, and yesterday I posted about it asking readers to weigh in and say whether or not they think that it is a book that is worth reading. I even went as far as to admit on a public forum that my goal was to achieve 10,000 responses to the post (which is about as likely as Michael Bay making a good movie). So, if you have the time, and this will only take several minutes, please check out my post “I wrote a book about suicide” and leave a comment letting me know what you think. Here is the link: Once I feel that I have enough responses I will submit my novel to the publishing houses, and include a link to the post with all the people’s comments (good or bad).
I genuinely feel that the message in my novel is a positive one, but ultimately that isn’t up to me to decide. After all, I wrote it, and am of course naturally inclined to like it. It will always mean something to me, but for now I would like to see if it also means something to you guys.
Thanks for your time,
Paul Durante
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