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Yik Yak and Eric Garner.

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I feel as though I only ever get on this thing when I am angry with global affairs anymore, but then that makes sense, given that I am always angry with global affairs. Actually I am not sure that it is fair to say global…more like national, and in this case, campus wide. Yes that’s right, my very own university is currently making the headlines that make me want to spontaneously combust with rage. If its all the same to you folks, I’d rather not say where I go-you know for the purpose of personal preservation and all, but rest assured it is a sess pool of frivolous exams, mediocre food, and apparently a fleet of ignorant assholes just barely smart enough to express their hateful little thoughts on social media. For those of you unfamiliar with the plague that is Yik Yak, it is essentially an anonymous version of twitter that allows for users to share their thoughts, coordinate parties by utilizing geographically focused posts, and making racist assholes of themselves for all of my lovely surragote town to see. I come from a town that is not astoundingly diverse, but growing up the attitudes and sentiments that I encountered were generally good spirited, even when they were somewhat culturally unaware, but what I have encountered here speaks loudly of one tragically undeniable truth:if such a thing as a post racial society exists, we are not living in it.
I feel safe in saying that everyone reading this is aware of the videotaped murder of Eric Garner that was carried about by police men on the streets of New York city. And if that is the case I am equally confident that you all know that his murderers have not been indicted. Now I can not speak of the heart of Daniel Panteleo (Garner’s murderer). I cannot say for certain if he is a racist, or simply a violent man but I can say that the Grand Jury’s inability to indict him is very much indicitive of a society that does not value black lives. It is because of this lack of respect for the African American population that students at my school chose to organize a peaceful protest under the simple yet poignant slogan- black lives matter. It’s a phrase that has been all over the news lately, as well it should be, and as I am sure most would see it, it is a phrase that is not in the least bit offensive. Right?
Wrong. That’s the way that my campus seems to feel anyway. Yik Yak lit up in light of the looming protests with messages only the most simplistic and hateful minds could have concocted.
Black lives dont matter.
Lincoln never should have freed you.
If I see a protesting black person today I’m going to shoot them.
This goes far beyond racial insensitivity. Its insanity. It is literally some of the most hateful language that I have ever encountered in my life before, and while it may fit in just fine at a klan meeting, it has no business residing on the social media page of what is supposed to be an educated campus. Truthfully, I can’t comment much more on it- there is very little else for me to say. But I would like to hear what you think. What’s the solution here? What does bull crap like this mean for our county, and what can we do to resolve it?
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Paul Durante
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Fuck Peter King

I’m going to make this post a short one because, well it pertains to an issue without any hope of immediate resolution. Last night I discovered the in depth account of Eric Garners death and I went to bed completely and utterly heartbroken. Eric Garner for those of you who do not know was an innocent man suspected of selling cigarettes who was strangled to death in broad day light on a New York sidewalk-by a policeman. The event itself is devastating, both to Garners family and to the general population who lives in a country in which police can kill citizens, and get away with it. Because that is what has turned this instance of unwarranted and extreme violence from a tragedy into a national catastrophe. Despite witness reports, video proof, public outrage, and the general knowledge that the method within which Officer Pantaleo (Garners murderer) tried to “subdue” Garner was long ago banned by the police force, the grand jury has decided not to indict the officer responsible.
Needless to say, while I went to bed sad, and still am to a great degree, I woke up angry. Given the situation I believe it is a just anger, but now as the day goes on a find myself in danger of having a rage aneurysm. And there is a very specific reason for this. Rep. Peter King seems to have a very unique theory on the death of Eric Garner. “He was so obese….the truth is if you can’t breath you can’t talk,” King said in reference to Garners final words. Please note that the dot dot dot represents a segment of his quote I chose to omit. Essentially he just mentioned that police had no reason to suspect that Garner couldnt breath when he told them that, well he couldnt breath. Needless to say this is a tremendous act of bullshit that should not and cannot be tolerated. This man, this Peter King holds an office. He is a public figure, a community leader to some degree and in the face of the death of a citizen by means of police brutality, he claims no authoritarian fault on the grounds that the victim was over weight. Now dont get me wrong, I am not trying to take away this mans right to freedom of speech. After all, I am writing this post under the heading “Fuck Peter King,” -an excursion of my own right to speech freedom if ever there was one. King can say or think whatever he wants, but next time he does it it better be in his motherfucking retirement speech. Our country is in poor enough shape as it is without rich old white fools coming on the tv and victim blaming. Am I right? I want to hear what you think. If you agree with me, comment like, reblog, repost retweet remotherfuckingguritate this article every where you can. Let Peter King know that we think what he is saying is bullshit. As a general population we cannot and should not seek our own individualized justices on the behalf of Eric Garner. The rightful way for his death to be dealt with is through the court systems, and though that is not happening right now, there is regretfully little that we can do as a public to negate that. However, we can tell this publicly appointed official to go fuck himself. If you agree, help me get this article out there, or write one yourself. Do anything that you can do to peacefully and intellectually let the world know that injustice cannot and should not be tolerated.
Thanks for reading,
Paul Durante
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Eric Garner

After just having read about the latest instance of grand jury negligence in the face of police brutality I have found myself angry both in the lack of justice our country has encountered over the past few weeks, and by public response. Listen, not everything can be made about race. I am not by any means saying that Michael Brown and Eric Gardners deaths are not a direct result of their skin color, but I am saying that if a defense attorney can so much as suggest that their client is not a racist the entire case is over. Excuse the pun, but racism is not black and white. There some people among us who are simply violent imbeciles regardless of whether or not the mound of flesh they intend to mutilate is white or black. Because I do believe that that is how they see things. Michael Brown should not be dead today, but he should have been arrested on the day of that shooting. You can call me insensitive all you want if that is your prerogative but I truthfully do not give two fucks. He broke the law and he deserved consequences in the same way that Darren Wilson did. While Mr. Garner’s alleged crime was of a shockingly more tame nature than that of Michael Brown’s according to state and federal law he too was in a position to be processed. In neither case did officers invent charges to throw at their victims. These were crimes that were called in by other people. They were doing their jobs by attempting to arrest them. This is not the point of contention. Violence is. When the lines are blurred the side of the argument that is blurring the loses all credibility, and these lines have been blurred. It is very difficult to prove on a legal scale that Darren Wilson or Daniel Pantaleo (the man that murdered Eric Garner) are racist. However, it is far easier to prove that they are assholes. That is to say, it is much easier to make a case that they unjustly or unrightly took the life of another HUMAN BEING. Those are the words that we should be focused on leading up to an indictment. HUMAN LIFE. That is what Eric Garner and Michael Brown were. People. Racial demonstrations are important. Despite my white privilege I am entirely aware that there is a tremendous portion of the population that is hurting deeply. They need a voice, but it cannot be one of sensationalization. Because that is what the media will talk about. That’s what they thrive on. Historically speaking, Michael Brown will most likely be the smallest aspect of the story when people look back. They will mostly only ever remember the fact the fact that Ferguson burned the night that the Grand Jury neglected to indict Darren Wilson. Stop the violence and racial equality will ensue.
Thats all I have on the matter for right now, but listen closely. Read these words really fucking carefully because I don’t want to have to repeat them in the comment section because some confrontation seeking reader chose to use my own words against me: I am not saying that these cases are not about race. I am telling you that if these men are going to go to jail it is going to be for murder, not for racism.
Thanks for Reading,
Paul Durante
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