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Thanksgiving: A societal misundertstanding.

if you really think about, if you take the time to break down the situation and understand just what it is that we are celebrating tomorrow, you might come to the conclusion that the holiday isnt as significant as it first appears. yes, we all know the happy story of native americans and settlers coming together to eat and celebrate, but educated americans know that it doesnt end there. the story will always conclude with small pox blankets and trails of tears. no other conclusion can be made, because that is what happened. the event we are actually comememorating hase become over shadowed by the celebrations that we associate it with, a mishap that in this case is a positive one. as a thanksgiving lover, i point this out not to devalue the holiday but to call attention the commonness of the date itself. any day could be thanksgiving. as far as history is concerned, they are all just as significant. any day is a good one to get together with your family, to tell somebody that you love them, to think about your life and be grateful. and on those other days, you don’t even have the added burden increasing your chances of heart disease. thanksgiving is a day that is indicative of how every other day should be. in life there is no garrantee of money, or of health, or of livelihood, but if you happen to be lucky enough, family is something that can always be counted on. and by the way, family is a generic term. it could mean brother or sister, or neighbor, or friend or mailman. it doesnt matter. whoever they are, if they make you happy, they matter, and it will do you well to let them know that as often as you can. life happens very fast, and death happens even faster. in between the two, it is your loved ones that will end up mattering the most.
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paul durante
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