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Fighting Mopeds

Hey guys, now is the time to subscribe.  Please do me a huge favor and check out this very poorly lit trailer.  If you like it, great, keep watching! If you hate it, even better.  Watch it more and tell me I’m full of shit.  Either way, now is the time to subscribe, either to make my dreams, or crush them regularly.

Youtube is not porn

The first video of many centered around Dewmont Community college has been posted online.  Director Paul Durante chose Dewmont as the focus of his newest film, “The Dewmont Daze.” The project is supposed to be released as a series of videos, the first of which focus on a student of Dewmont known only as “Funky.” The video posted online yesterday features an enraged Funky screaming at the camera about topics ranging from porn to mopeds.  The video is meant to serve as a teaser for next weeks set of videos which are to focus on Funkys career as a psychic.  We have attached the link to the video below, please enjoy

For more information follow director Paul Durante on Twitter @DewmontPaul

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