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The Pope and Kim Davis

Let me start this by mentioning that I am without question the sort to be inordinately irritated by inconsequential imbeciles.  Kim Davis perhaps the queen of these imbeciles.  In a general sense, I am also typically not in favor of things with any sort of religious undertone (or over tone, but then that went without saying).  I suppose twelve years of Catholic school will do that to you.  But all that said, I am generally a fan of this new Pope Francis.  So imagine my disappointment when I found out that Mary’s head honcho was playing buddy buddy with america’s newly crowned queen of stupidity.

Did Frank do wrong? Lets take a look at the facts.

1.  Pappa F met with a whole hell of a lot of people in the four or so days that he was in our Country.  With the exception of the big eared gentleman that met him at the airport, you can safely bet that he had no clue who most of those people were.

2. There is very little chance that he had ever heard the chronicles of this dreadful Kentucky woman’s transgressions until right before he met her.  Hell, he probably didn’t even know what Kentucky was. Again, he most likely didn’t seek this wretched fool out.

3.  Of course he is against gay marriage.  You already knew that  He’s Catholic, it’s like part of their deal. NOTE; This is not an excuse for him, merely a restatement of a dreadful fact.

4. The last Pope sucked.  This guy has been pretty good so far, maybe he deserves a bye?

5.  Even if he doesn’t deserve a bye, and he very well might not, STOP WRITING ABOUT THIS FOOL! Kim Davis is going to live out the remainder of her life a celebrity because people will not stop writing about her.

6.Yes, I understand the hypocrosi in asking people to stop writing about Kim Davis in an article written about Kim Davis.

Alright that’s about it guys.  Should Frankie get a pass?  That’s for you to decide.

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Paul Durante

the real “f-word”

i dont know why i still engage in them. @buttsniffer67 rarely has anything nice to say about ferguson, and while i have made strides with @bongwater27 he is still largely unaware of how damaging words like “faggot” and “retard,” are to the community at large. truthfully, i never expected that people would be outraged to find out that i dont like racism, or that i believe that white privilege is a profound problem in our country, or that i think that saying “faggot,” is just as ingnorant as using the N-word. and yet they always are, and they never have any particularly rational line of thinking to explain their feelings- simply bold accusations of why i am in fact a strong representation of the words that i so deplore. if ever there was a sure way to engage me in a fight it is to simply utter the word “faggot”. it is not out of fear of being aligned with the gay community (because i LOVE the gay community) that i protest so much to this form of name calling, but because i understand that it is a hate word. dont tell me that you aren’t prejudice- it doesnt matter. if youre using the same word as bigots, your a contributing factor to a massive scale problem. if you are summarizing an entire lifestyle in one word, and then using that word as an insult to throw at someone over twitter, than you contributing to a large scale problem. there is nothing that makes my blood boil more than seeing these hate words pop up on my timeline. anyway, thats my tirade. no solution, no glimmer of hope, just a short little tangent about why i am pissed off this morning.
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paul durante
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Human Rights, not Gay Rights

It’s a funny thing how people seem to separate gay rights from basic human rights.  The fact is that people are people regardless of race gender or sexuality.  By denying any of those groups basic rights given to the other sectors of human life, you are committing a grave injustice.  Marriage inequality is a practice rooted in religious texts that are at best silly, and at worst violent and prejudice.  While religion has an important place in the hearts of those that subscribe to it, a place that should not be trivialized, it is nonetheless an entity that should not be considered on a nation wide scale.

I have written a great deal about marriage equality, and in my search, I have seen many comparisons to the times of segregation.  As far as I am concerned, these comparisons are not far off. Segregation was rooted in hatred, and in fear of change, and there is not a single intelligent argument that can be made that that is not exactly what is happening right now.  If you are a strait man or woman, you don’t really deserve a say in how it makes you feel if homosexuals are allowed to marry, because it does not affect you.  I am a strait man, very much in favor of gay marriage, and even my opinion does not really matter.  At the end of the day, I will always be able to marry the person I love.  The same cannot be said of the gay population, and yet theirs are the voices that are being ignored.  If we truly are a cultured society, than it is absolutely essential if we are to ever move forward as a society.  There is no difference between black or white people, just as there is no difference between gay people and strait people.  It is time that we started living that way.