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Go F*** yourself George Zimmerman

I hope George Zimmerman is the sort of guy that has google send notifications to his phone anytime someone throws his name around on the internet.  An utter dick snot such as himself most assuredly is. I might be slightly late on waxing on this, but for those of you that do not know, the scrotum skin that is George Zimmerman has taken to bragging about shooting Trayvon Martin on Twitter.  Yes that’s right, the infamously evil and stupid testament to why folks shouldn’t carry guns is not only a big enough fuck face to dare to address the public in any capacity, he has the audacity to do so on social media.  At first I was dismayed to know that this openly racist and blatantly homophobic ass nugget had placed himself in the public eye, but then it occurred to me what a wonderful opportunity it was.  Between the people that follow this moron, and the folks that follow the Kardashian Kamp, we now have a definitive list of citizens that should not be allowed to vote.  Thanks for the help dick head.

Paul Durante

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