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You are beautiful. Remember it


Hey guys, Life is good eh? If you are like me you are a few weeks into summer, and hopefully loving it.  I’m in sort of a strange place in life right now, a sort of elongated strange place in life.  So elongated in fact that it makes me wonder what stages of life aren’t strange.  The only difference between now and every other brooding second of my life is that I’m sort of ok with all of that.  Sometimes I am prone to sadness, but the most liberating thing that I have ever done is accept that sadness will come, and embrace both the moments where it does, and the ones that it doesn’t.  Life is all about finding what makes you happy, and if your in the right place ot do so, engaging in things that will make other people happy also. 

For me, that has meant directing.  That’s right, I am currently pretending that I know how to direct! I am currently writing directing and acting in my own web series.  So far it has brought me a tremendous amount of happiness, and my hope is that in the near future it will bring other people some happiness as well.  I have posted only one teaser/ trailer video as of right now, but starting next week there is a great deal more to come.

Here is a link to that video

For me, directing, and writing, and blogging have been a great joy.  I am hoping that you all find something to bring joy to yourselves as well.  If you find yourself with  a little bit of time and would like to support me, please check out my video, and subscribe if you can.

I love you the way you are

I Love you, Yes you

A humanist perspective

 By Kathy Mcdermant

                The word love gets thrown around a lot these days, perhaps even too callously, but I mean it, I love you.  I love the you that you are afraid to show the world, because that is the you that you are meant to be, and I love more than anything to see you overcome that fear…..As you can tell, I’m a little emotional.

In one of my journalism classes the other day we were discusses the effects of mass advertisements on our society and man….that stuff is a heartbreaking.  So heartbreaking in fact that it makes an aspiring journalist say “stuff”.

The truth of the matter is, we live in a culture where it is practically impossible for a person to be themselves.  You can’t eat food if you want to be attractive, you can’t live if you don’t eat food, you cant save yourself for marriage if you plan on being cool, and you cant have sex if you don’t want to be judged.  Do you see the impossibilities? I mean think about it, damn near everyone in the world likes cookies and there are still weddings each and every day.

Commercials show us that everyone is thin, everyone is happy, everyone wears short shorts and goes rock climbing on their periods.  Its enough to make any normal person question what they are doing wrong.  But here’s the thing, I’m starting to believe that it isn’t us normal people that are doing the wrong thing, it’s the media (shocker right?).  I think that they are lying to us, and it’s making me wonder who else is lying to us (MAYBE CLINTON DID INHALE!!!).

People in real life don’t look the way that they do on these ridiculous commercials and TV shows.  Even Kate Upton doesn’t look like Kate Upton.  So what change needs to be made? Should we defy our own biology and become slaves to the media, or should we be ourselves, and let the salesmen learn to adapt to that?  I know that it isn’t easy to defy the norm, but you have to do it.  You have to decide that the you that you want to be is the you that the world deserves to see.  I love you the exact way that you are inside, and the people that you need in your life will too.