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Summer of Love and Youtube!

Hello all! Writer and Director of the Dewmont Daze, Paul Durante here with a small, and utterly unappealing update.  Frankly, you could be using your time better right now, but thanks anyway for reading.  Myself, as well as everyone else involved in my new web series, “The Dewmont Daze,” have been absolutely hustling trying to get our videos out there.  For those of you that do not know, the Dewmont Daze is a wacky new web series featuring the ordindary lives of students at Dewmont Community College.  As of right now we are essentially just releasing shorts, as the actual series itself is still in development.  Each video is essentially a stand alone at this point, and serves to better introduce some of the characters from the series.  So far it has been well received, but we are very ready to expand our audience (because honestly, who the fuck isn’t?).  So, with that in mind, I would at this time like to encourage those of you goodly enough to have clicked the link to read my humble little blog post, to click one more link, and watch what is the latest of our videos.  If you like what you see, I would like to further ask you to subscribe.  It will only take a moment, and I promise you that we will be doing a whole lot of fun new things in the near future, that we would love to have you all on board for.  Thank you for your time! Remember, we always love to hear from you! Please comment on this video or post if you have anything at all you’d like to say.  We always reply

“Turnt Up Shit,” And other Phrases that might motivate you to click the link

Hello all! This is a sort of “Directors cut” Accompanying video where my brother and I discuss upcoming news for our new Web Series, “The Dewmont Daze.”  Last Sunday I posted a trailer, and this sunday I will post what is to be my first short video. The main series will be launched this coming winter, but there will be an abundance of videos coming out before then.  If you could find it in your heart to subscribe, now would be the time.  If you think that I am full of shit, just let me know.  Now is your time to tell me, just so long as you are subscribing.  Now stop reading this, and…you guessed it. SUBSCRIBE