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Thanksgiving Kush: Otto and Stirfry Give Thanks

lets make this a quicker post because…well who really reads the longer ones anyway? hi kids, my name is paul durante (on twitter @DewmontPaul) and on occasion i write and direct what is sure to be the most mediocre webseries that you have ever seen. and for your viewing pleasure, i have a new video for you all, freshly uploaded today. heres the link:

for those of you who have never seen my show, it is a short internet series in which we take a look at the lives of several people in a community college as they make the transition into adulthood. in it we explore life, death, depression, and weed….so far we’ve mostly only explored weed.
the two characters you will meet in this video are otto and stirfry. the skinny dopey named otto is played by my brother, and i play the morose but endlessly complex stirfry, who i assure you is infinitely more deep than he seems despite the fact that he only ever seems to come off as a bad actor. these videos are actually just extras: bonus material i am putting out as we go into pre production on what is to be the actual series. when we reach that point, the focus will stray somewhat from otto and stirfry, and while they will still be in it, the videos will not be one long weed joke. but for now….one long weed joke. i hope you enjoy kids, and please forgive the sound and the spotty camera work. we didnt have anyone manning the camera when we filmed it.
thanks for reading, and please do watch my video.
paul durante
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A post about friday.

today is friday. if you are reading this, chances are you already knew. and if you are reading this in the future, it probably isn’t friday, but that is little concern of yours. you have mastered time travel, and done everything else of interest to the point where reading my humble little blog seemed like a viable use of your time. i thank you for your radership. and your readership. and the ship that you travel through time with, like doctor who. dwa dwa dwa dwa. that was me onamontapeeaing the fuck out of the doctor who theme song. if you read those words and thought immediately of the show, you are either a true fan, or demonstrating the first signs of schizophrenia. either way, i am glad to have you as a reader. as you may be able to tell, this is not a sort of essay like some of my other posts have been this week. i am not here to profess the dangers of education, or to call my teachers names. no, this angry teenager (who as of yesterday is now twenty one) is happy. he is happy, because today is friday, which means that monday tuesday, wednsday and thursday can go fuck themselves. even sunday is on thin ice. if you havent figured it out by now, i am not much of one for school. i hate it in the same way a rational person might hate hitler. i hate it with the same fervor that americans mis understand things that arent…american. i hate it with more passion that bugs bunny had for tricking donald, with more anger than wallace and gromit had love for cheese, with more more passion than frodo had for sam, because we all know that there was something a little extra going on there. yes, if you know me, you know that i am not meant to be a student. im a journeymen. not particularly good at anything, but willing to try most things that dont involve phd’s and motherfucking fractions. the weekend is a liberating time all of us. aside from being what is perhaps one of the greatest reduncies i have ever passed through the keys of my laptop, it is as true a statement as i can muster. we all need the weekend. without them we might die. well i might. you could be one of those freaks that likes school for all i know. you could be one of those kids that likes their teachers, and raises their hands in class, and knows what the fuck a pathagoreum is and if you are….i appreciate your readership. the point of my posts is not to isolate, but to self express in a most volitilely arrogant ways possible. because the truth is, none of you know me. you might know that i am the goofy motherfucker on youtube that will on occasion slip on and old leather jacket, call himself stirfry and pretend to act, but outside of that, there is no reason for you to have any interest in any of my nonesensical ramblings. so with that in mind, i thank you for your readership.
Now, before i fuck off and enjoy the weekend that i have been at least kind of rambling about, lets talk some shit. first of all, i am happy to be able to report that as of right now i have made good on my resolution to blog a little bit more. next week i will make strides in blogging a little bit better, and before you know it, we will have something decent on our hands. asisde from that, i would also like to mention that in the near future i will be releasing my last video on the present cycle of otto and stirfry videos. dont worry, i m sure there will be a shit ton more than anyone ever wanted there to be very soon. for now, you can see the second to last one here for best results, like subscribe, and send me your money. in that same vein of thought, i would also like to post on the internet, for the sake of making myself accountable that i would like to begin an at least semi regular video vlog type thing on the youtube channel to suplement the actual scripted videos. so yeah, thats about all my news. enjoy your weekend
paul durante
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3 AM is A lonely place to be

Hello all that are decent or perhaps indecent enough to be up at this hour, and a particularly warm thank you to those kindly enough both to be up, and to be up looking at my website.  Isn’t it dreadful? The world is sleeping, but if you are like me, you just can’t, not for the life of you.  It’s been a sort of common occurrence for me, for the majority of my life anyway.  I used to assign some sort of significance to it, as if there was some type of more profound, or perhaps even destiny oriented cause for my lack of sleep.  As if me up at four in the morning watching infomercials on the golf channel would somehow be the soil in which I would one day plant the roots that would surely lead to my term as president.  Or at least to the start of a career in infomercials.  Now I know that it is just because I have a very silly brain, that still refuses to undersanstand that activity is the very last thing that a weary brain needs.  Oh well, fools may be the last to learn but they sure as hell get it eventually.  One day you will find me, sixty years old and well rested, but until then, I blog, and write children stories about badgers.

Oh, and that brings me to what else I am doing.  It wasn’t really my intention to cover this in this post, but I also never intended write this post, so to hell with all the rules.  My girlfriend and I are currently writing a childrens book about a semi autistic badger in post apocalyptic Kansas City.  So if that sounds interesting to you some words of encouragement would be more than lovely, because frankly it isn’t as easy as you might guess.  I am also writing a full length adult geared story about a suicidal teenager hunted by a demon dog, and a ghost that likes AC/DC, and I am writing, directing, and acting in a web series, as well as podcasting and poorly maintaining this blog.  It’s a busy summer for me. 

If you have any interest in any of my projects, and it would be just dandy if you did, it’s extremely easy to track.  Of course you can always find me here, I fully intend to step up my blogging game, but you can also find me on Twitter @DewmontPaul (The link isn’t broken, it just doesn’t exist–I don’t know how to do it) on youtube at “The Dewmont Daze,” and hopefully on ITunes in the very near future at “Dewmont Speaks.” I have already uploaded a few teaser sort of videos for what is to be my web series.  There will be videos posted very regularly up until December but the actual series doesn’t really launch until December.  However, it would be great if you could check it out now.  This link actually does work.  I’d love for you all to watch it.  Subscribe if you dig it, comment to tell me how you feel about it.  Even if you hate it, I love to hear from you.