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Fish Eyes And Jean Jackets: Tales from a married Student

For those of you that have not been reading along (I’m talking to you, World Wide Web)  my name is Paul Durante, and for the past, ohhh twenty or so years I was just a shell of what I could be.  In that time, I have met people that I care about, gone places that expanded my horizon’s past the corn filled soils of Illinois, and even written things that i am somewhat proud of, but it took me up until this summer to find what I can finally call, success.  And how might a mediocre small scale internet personality quantify success? Well since no one reads or watches my things, this online pest has had to go the deeper, more personal route.  Marrying my wife, was the best decision that I have ever made, opening my life up to something that it had previously never been familiar with: daily joy. Even before, when we were only dating, or even engaged, the happiness was still tremendous, spiritual, and perfect beyond what I had ever before known, but now as I pound away at these keys with a wedding band on my left hand, something has changed.  There is a new sense of simplistic profundity to this familiar and yet new sense of happiness, and I am afraid that it is a profundity that I cannot explain in this blog, most especially because nobody pays me for this shit.

But amongst this wonderful and exciting new chapter of my life is an ever so feint veil of surprise and speculation from my peers.  Oh yes, I am still a student.

“What do you think? Unplanned pregnancy?”

“Blind recklessness?”

“You don’t thing….surely he isn’t a Christian?”

Okay, okay, so no one is literally circling up and whispering gossip in my face.  In fact, the vast majority of friends and family have been very supportive of our decision, but in the background there has always been this since of judgemental speculation.

So lets clear things up.

  1.  Nope, no pregnancy, planned or otherwise, although I do believe I would look glowing with a baby bump.
  2. Excuse you sirs and maams, but we have been together for three years.  There is nothing blind or reckless about it.  There isn’t a reckless bone in my body.Your reading the words of a man too cowardly to even attempt to parralell park.
  3. Haha no.  I’m not a Christian, nor am I in any capacity religious.  But do try not to say it with such stank in your voice next time.

Here’s the deal.  When you know, you just know.  Are we young? Perhaps slightly.  But we are also financially able to pay for our own food, transportation, and living quarters (which we would have had to do regardless of whether or not we had gotten married) and in roughly nine months, we will also be degree holding members of society (despite my utter disdain for all thinks scholastic).

We are happy, which as far as I am concerned means that we are doing something right, because really, how often is there something to smile about?

wedding kiss

Thanks for reading,

Paul Durante

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Internet Writing: Always a Marathon, never a sprint.

This is so outside the box for me to even consider composing a post such as this one; a reccomendation for other writers. Other INTERNET writers, to make things even worse. I myself am an internet writer of sorts, and one who has found himself in a market already saturated with blogs, videos, and short stories that have thus far found a tremendous amount of more attention than that of my own. So why am I doing this? The short answer is because I am supposed to be writing my second research paper in as many weeks, and I most certainly do not want to be doing that. If you can think of a more artistic or charitable reason than that, feel free to adlib away.
To start I should mention that I have not thus far been terribly sucessful at what I do. While some things that I have written and filmed have been received well, they have not been received widely. The most my blog posts ever get in a day is fifteen or so odd views, and as for my youtube videos, well without alot of prodding from strangers that must loath me, I have been able to achieve a couple thousand views on a video or two of mine. While those are not numbers to scoff at, they are also not numbers to celebrate, given that writing is really my only discernable skill. Now, that being said, I do have a work ethic, and it is one that I believe is at the very least mentionable, if only so that successful writers have something to laugh about as they are busy not paying attention to the things that I write.
First and foremost, writing is a labor of love. For the sake of craft I should put this point last as it is far and away the most important, but if you are like me you only pay attention to the first few paragraphs of my blog posts anyway, so with that in mind, this is where this information is going to go, thank you very much. For what it is worth, the advice is true. Writing is a process that you must love full heartidly if you are to are to excel at. It seems like very basic advice, but it’s true. By deciding that you want to be a writer and then devoting yourself entirely to the pursuit of it, you have in turn already become one. In fact, I would even go as far as to say this: to all you daily writers out there, congradulations, you are more than likely more skilled at your craft than ninety percent of the general population. Don’t get to excited. That other ten percent, the ten percent that you (and I) are competing with, are mean motherfuckers that will bite your fucking heads off with their best sellers and not even know that it happened. Some of these writing Goliaths are brilliant, like Stephen King and his perhaps even more talented son Joe Hill, and others are fools (you know who I am talking about) but either way it is the standards people like them set that make it damn near impossible for a begining writer to start out. They already have an audience, they have procured their metaphorical seat at the table, and as a result shaped what that table should look like. Publishers want people that will sell, and for that reason, writers need to be able to sell themselves. The top ten percent isn’t good enough. We need to be in the top one percent, or somehow write a new vampire romance novel that appeals to both teen girls and menaposal mothers. We need to stand out, which leads me to my next and final point…
Writing is a marathon, not a sprint. Just like in most other careers, in writing you are only as good as what you are working on next. For example. If tomoro my blog were to somehow attain two thousand hits (quite honestly still a humble number all things considered) and then return the next day to my usual fifteen, Tuesday’s accomplishment would be irrelevant. Repetition is what matters, and while no writer can control the reactions of the audeience, we can shape our own process. For the first few months of this school semester I was enthrolled with the novel that I had been writing. My goal was to finish my first draft by Holloween a task that I was ultimately successful with. However, my methods for attaining this goal were perhaps not the wisest. Every morning at five am my alarm would go off, and I would immediatly reach for the cold cup of coffee that I had brewed the night before for just such a moment, chugging it as quickly as possible so that I could get to work. And then I would, for three to four hours depending on what my class schedule allowed I would work on my book. And then I would work again later in the day, until totally I had accumulated six to seven hours of writing on my novel. While that is undeniably a desirable amount of time a day to be able to write, it is also a chunk of time that looking back I cannot believe I was ever able to cut out for myself. I work, I am a student, and I am engaged. Six hours of anything other than maintaining those three things is extremely difficult to attain. Eventually i lost it. I began to crash, and so did my work, in all areas of life. And that is where I learned to pace myself. Because in a world where you truly are only as good as your next project, you need every better of strenghth that you can muster. Writing is a marathon, not sprint.
Thanks for reading for folks,
Paul Durante
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“I’ll Sleep When I’m Succesful” And other stupid desicions that might kill me

School is most surely a machination of evil. The fact that I am thousands in debt to pay for it ifs a great irony, the fact that I am an English major that can’t spell or tell you what a Subject Compliment is is a great tragedy, and the fact math still somehow worms it’s way into the equation is nothing short of demonic. The life of a student is not a particularly happy one, and for this particularly bitter student it’s a hell of Dante-esque proportions. The truth is, the only thing that I really enjoy doing is writing, regardless of talented I may or may not be at it. SO this semeseter I made a resolution, a two parter if you will. The first and most gripping aspect of this resolution is simple: Regardless of circumstance, it is absolutely necessary that I put everything that I can into my writing. THere is of course a more rigid timeline with specific goals and such, but the most important thing to understand is taht it involves lots of work.
So far so good. While my blogging and youtubing has had to take a back seat for awhile, it doesnt mean that I haven’t been writing. In the past few months, I have written an entire novel length work, starring the character Funky, from my webseries The Dewmont Daze, along with many other characters from the series that end up making appearances in the book as well. Since then, I’ve been editing religously, and while I am far from done, it’s been a good time. So what’s the problem? Part 2 of my resolution.
Unfortunately, I am still a student. It’s an anomaly from the guy that came out of high school with a 1.7 GPA, who also used to write out his math homework using pizza sauce for ink. At heart I think that I still am that kid, but now taht kid is also engaged. Next July I am getting married to a girl with an impressive Gpa that only ever uses pizza sauce as food. It is for her that I do better in school now I think, but it is in that vein of thought that my problem arises. School isn’t easy, even when you are a sparknotes regular. As I edit my longer work, and gear up to start the first season of “The Dewmont Daze,” which will hopefully begin filming the beginning of February, I am also faced with the same amount of homework as everyone else. Which leads us to our title. “I’ll sleep when I’m Succesful.” Every night I go to bed at midnight and every morning I get up at ten minutes till six. The time between six and midnight is spent working hard, both on the things that are important to me, and about the things that are stupid fucking school. And the idea really is just that. I’ll sleep when there is nothing left to write, or until the internet is mean enough to me that it makes me want to quit. This is a resolution that a more talented writer could perhaps makes with some promise of success, but as for me, well, we will see, but no matter what the journey has been a long one, and just like Robert Frost, I have miles to go before I sleep, and Miles to go before I sleep. But then again when he finally did go to bed, he did so as an iconic poet, and not a motherfucker that calls himself Stirfry on the internet sometimes. So we’ll see how this goes, but in the mean time you can expect much more regular blog posts, and in the near future, and a whole crap ton of youtube videos no one ever asked for. As for the book, I’ll keep you posted, but for now, here is our latest youtube video.

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Who the hell still reads this blog anyway?

I think that the title says it all, but for the hell of it, how about you keep reading anyway eh? As some of hyou may know (or so I tell myself for the sake of my ego) my name is Paul Durante. I am a twenty year old writer that scours the internet looking for people kindly enough to watch my videos, read my blogs, and pat me on the back until I can momentarily forget that my life is a shit storm of grammar courses and college debt. I started this blog almost a year ago with the intention of writing on it every single day (thus the title). If you are familiar with my page, then you know that there is no such thing as “Dewmont Illinois”. It’s a place that I made up because, well most likely because i am desperate for attention. Since I came up with the town almost two years ago, I have been constructing as many stories set within it’s confines as my mind can muster and in that time I have acrewed a large collection of work that I am sure the people in my life would love for me to shut the hell up about. I have started a youtube channel, (latest video here: ) started this blog, and even written a novel dedicated to all things Dewmont. Unfortunately (and in some cases not so unfortunately) life has slowed me down a bit in the past few months. School takes up an obnoxious amount of my time, I have indeed been busy working on a novel, and most importantly, this summer I got engaged. So while these events have left me with a tremendous amount of things to write about, they have also prevented me from having the time to write about them. Quite honestly I still don’t have the time that I need, but I’ve decided to disregard that, and in the process probably disregard sleep as well. Essentially, I am composing this post not to entertain, but to inform. This is a statement of accountability. I fully intend now to write in some capacity on this blog at least three times a week. Should i fail to do so, the three of you that read this can send me bad vibes, or whatever the hell it is that people do when they want to be an asshole on the internet. Oh, and by the way, Follow me on twitter. Do you see what i did there? I said it like a statement. A “go ahead and do this”, sort of deal rather than a “would you kindly,” moment. Yeah. Please do that. You can find me on Twitter @DewmontPaul and on Youtube at “The Dewmont Daze”. Please subscribe, follow, and finance said accounts. Just kidding about that last thing.
Thanks for reading folks,